My Top 5 Picks – Campaign 8

Each Campaign I will share my top 5 picks for the current Campaign.

  1. Classic Organization Crossbody Bag

    I like these bags because they are just so easy to grab and go. The crossbody design makes it so carefree and even hands-free. I love the colors as well. These bags are being introduced at only $19.99 each.

  2. I have an aunt who loves the Cushion Walk® Loafers and said they are so comfortable, so I had to try them myself. I got the White Classic Loafers and I would have to agree with her they are very comfortable. The loafers are so soft on my feet and aren’t too tight or restricting. The memory foam-like cushion is probably my favorite thing about these shoes and for a price of $24.99 I couldn’t pass them up.

  3. Contouring is definitely in and with the new Pro Contour Brush from Avon it just got easier to do. The brush is designed for targeted contouring and creating strong, sculpted looks.

    Get yours for $6.99 in Campaign 8.

    All other makeup brushes are 50% off this campaign.

  4. These inspirational charm bracelets are great for gift giving and won’t break the bank either. They are only $5.99 each this campaign.

  5. Flip-flop season is quickly approaching and these are just so cute! Since these flip-flops are wedges it bumps them up to being almost a dressy casual look.

    Get both pairs for $20!

    Don’t forget to prep those feet before jumping into Spring and Summer footwear! There are always great deals on our Foot Works line and nail polishes.

    That rounds up my top 5 for Campaign 8. Be sure to browse my website and brochure to see all of the great things that we have to offer this Campaign.

    Interested in trying FREE Avon samples? Join my Free Avon Sample of the Month Club.

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